Foreword Review of Sam (a pastoral)

Susan Larson's YA+ novel has received the following terrific review from Foreword Magazine:

A look, a whinny, a flinch: such small things, from an animal, speak volumes. The lessons we learn from the creatures we love can transform us for life. In the young adult novel Sam (a pastoral) a young girl discovers how to survive a tumultuous world through the help of a horse. But the lessons she learns aren't the prosaic ones one might expect from this subject; instead, they are deep and often gritty. Read more...

Black Tongue on Smashwords

Savvy Press is proud to announce that Anjana Basu's outstanding novel, Black Tongue, is now up on Smashwords for $1.99.

"Women are not born witches. Life makes them turn that way. If you want the truth of what I say, look at the facts: there are no young witches, no child witches. All the women torn or hacked to pieces in the columns of the newspapers are old."

Black Tongue is also available for immediate download on Nook and Kindle through Savvy Press.

Song of the Mockingbird

A new novel by Thomas J. Hubschman is now available on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.

SONG OF THE MOCKINGBIRD is the story of a mature woman's self-discovery. Five years widowed but still bound to the man to whom she was married for thirty years, Doris gradually comes to discover her life not only is not over but is just beginning in a way she had never imagined possible. In the process, she also discovers a good deal about her marriage that contradicts the ideal image of it she has nurtured all her adult life.

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The Measure of the Universe - Free Download

Ellen Larson's science fiction idyll is available this week as a free download on Smashwords. Don't forget that Smashwords offers a mobi edition that will play on your Kindle!

A wide-eyed archeologist from Aldebaran lands in Greece to study with a sharp-tongued professor of paleography. They discover love among the runes, and a plot spelling disaster for both their worlds. Fire up your universal translators, it's Prometheus, Bloodied but Unbound!

"Studded with clever double entendres and puns, this makes an engaging read for language lovers" -Booklist

Land Beyond Maps Continues to Garner Awards

Maida Tilchen's lovely book about life in the West in the early twentieth century was a finalist in the 2010 Lambda Literary Foundation, Lesbian Debut Fiction.

This novel is a glittering mosaic of women's lives in the historic Southwest. From Harvey Girls to TB patients to artists including photographer Laura Gilpin--these are strong women in a rugged but rewarding landscape. Settings range from the Jewish community of Santa Fe to the Navajo Reservation; author Maida Tilchen knows and lovingly portrays the locales. With some homage to Willa Cather, this book takes its place in the literature of the Southwest.  –Miriam Sagan, author of the collection of poetry, Map of the Lost