–Maida Tilchen–
author of
Land Beyond Maps

Maida Tilchen

Maida Tilchen writes primarily to preserve and/or dramatize lesbian history. A lifetime book collector, she co-wrote the first "second wave" article on lesbian pulp novels, published in Margins magazine in 1975. Her writing has been published in Gay Community News; Sojourner; Body Politic, and books including Nice Jewish Girls: A Lesbian Anthology; Lavender Culture; Women-Identified Women; and Feminist Frameworks, and includes the foreword to the bibliography The Lesbian in Literature.

She served as a VISTA volunteer in southern Indiana; was a lesbian activist in Bloomington, Indiana in the 1970s; was promotions manager for Gay Community News (Boston; and has had many research and writing jobs in the educational field. Currently, she is a library administrator and research skills instructor for a college serving primarily older minority women and immigrants.

She has visited New Mexico often since 1993. After her first trip there, wanting to continue to live in the library-rich Boston area but to keep one foot in the "land of enchantment," she started writing fiction set in New Mexico.

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