Anjana Basu

Anjana Basu works as an advertising consultant in Calcutta. She has had a book of short stories published by Orient Longman, India, the BBC has ...(read more)

j.d. daniels

Joyce (j.d.) Daniels` fiction and poetry has appeared in various publications, including: The Broad River Review, The Sylvan Echo, The Elkhorn Review and Doorknobs & BodyPaint Fantastic Flash Fiction:  An Anthology. ...(read more)


Carrie Dearborn

Carrie Dearborn is a writer, comedian, and advocate on disability issues. A former computer operator specialist and downhill ski instructor, Dearborn was 27 in 1981 when she had a stroke... (read more)

Thomas Hubschman

Thomas J. Hubschman is the author of Look at Me Now, Billy Boy, and The Jew's Wife & Other Stories and three science fiction novels. His word... (read more)

Ellen Larson

In 1970, Ellen Larson’s “For Strider” won the award for best short story given by the Vermont Council on the Arts Intercollegiate Student Symposium. The .. (read more)

Susan Larson

Susan Larson has been an opera and concert singer, a professor, a journalist, painter, gardener and grandma. She loves horses, dogs, birds and the ... (read more)

Kevin Mednick

Kevin Mednick is an attorney who lives in New York State. In addition to Mrs. Gezunterman, he is the author of The Almost Life (2007 Permanent Press) ... (read more)

Deloris H. Netzband

Deloris H. Netzband has an advanced degree in English and American Literature from New York University and has taught Literature and Creative Writing in college and secondary schools... (read more)


Kimberley A. Shaw

Kimberley A. Shaw is the author of Handful of Spells....

Maida Tilchen

Maida Tilchen writes primarily to preserve and/or dramatize lesbian history. A lifetime book collector, she co-wrote the first "second wave" article on lesbian pulp novels, published in Margins...(read more)

Abbas Zaidi

Abbas Zaidi did his MA in English literature from Government College, Lahore, an MLitt in linguistics from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, and a Ph.D. in sociolinguistics from ... (read more)