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Quick Walk for Murder

Quick Walk to Murder by j.d. daniels (2015) Tomas Moore is the son of a crusty Pine Island crab fisherman and a Mexican homemaker who often seeks psychic guidance. When Tomas is murdered, it’s up to Jessie to find the killer. Is it another crabber? A rejected lover? Tom’s rich girlfriend or her brother? This sequel to Through Pelican Eyes is a quick paced murder mystery with more twists and turns than Matlacha Pass. Minute of Darkness Minute of Darkness by j.d. daniels (2016) Set in Turkey against the backdrop of civil unrest, this tightly spun novella delivers a cautionary tale about two reunited American women, each bearing painfully inaccurate visions of who she can become in the presence of the other. Also included: a collection of eighteen pieces of flash fiction.

A Handful of Spells by Kimberley A. Shaw (Oct. 31 2014)
Even at a school for magic, life in the mainstream is difficult for hard-of-hearing sixth-grader Caitlin Leo. Then she meets a group of magicworkers who use American Sign Language and everything changes.

The Old Wolf Lady by j.d. daniels (2014) A sensitive and humorous portrait of Iowan Jackie Day from her humble beginnings to her active and dedicated eighth decade (with photos). A charming, funny portrait of a life well lived.

Through Pelican Eyes by j.d. daniels (March 2014) Matlacha (say Mat-la-SHAY), that funky Pine Island Florida fishing village cum art colony is the perfect setting for a mystery. Meet Jessie Murphy, the perfect gal to sort out the riff from the raff of it all.
Dresden Suite by Deloris H. Netzband (Sept 2014) A collection of short stories set in a quiet New England college town, where a woman named Joyce does her best to be the perfect professor's wife.

General Fiction

She's Gone Santa Fe by Maida Tilchen (Nov 2013) Travel to New Mexico in 1925 to help preserve Navajo culture; have a starlit romance; live in a sheepherder’s wagon. Meet up with Margaret Mead and Ruth Benedict at a lesbian dude ranch.
Quiet in the Tornado: A Disability Primer by Carrie Dearborn (Sept 2013) "A no-holds-barred approach to talking about disability. Surprising, disarming, painful, funny." - Meizhu Lui, Co-Author, The Color of Wealth
Say Yes by j.d. daniels (April 2013)
This is a book of brine and lime, landscapes vast, whether of water or of prairie, and wisdom wise enough to remain fluid for growth. There is subversion afoot in this volume.
There is No Mrs. Gezunterman by Kevin Mednick (March 2012) - A Russian immigrant, an aimless college grad and a wealthy artist find themselves leading a group called TULP (Treat Us Like People) in a spontaneous, grass-roots rebellion against corporate abuse.
Sam (a Pastoral) by Susan Larson (2012)
A love-hungry girl befriends an abused horse, and discovers joy and courage galloping astride his broad back. When her family falls apart, the horse carries her through storms of rage and pain as she seeks her heart's desire.
Land Beyond Maps by Maida Tilchen

Lammy Finalist; New Mexico and Arizona award-winning novel of women’s history, travel, biography, and adventure, drawing the reader into the lives of women who find new adventures later in life. (2009)

Look At Me Now by Thomas J. Hubschman
“A novel of gaining strength as an independent woman, Look at Me
Now is inspiring and entertaining, highly recommended.” - Midwest Book
Review (2008)
Billy Boy by Thomas J. Hubschman
" of the most satisfying contemporary novels I've
read." --Reader's Niche (2001)

Speculative Fiction

Measure of the Universe by Ellen Larson
An amiable alien visits Greece to study ancient inscriptions and finds love among the runes. "Studded with clever double entendres and puns, this makes an engaging weekend read for language lovers." -Booklist (2002)
Space Ark by Thomas Hubschman (2003)
"Moses Mneh, Rita Ten and friends strive to save Earth from an exploding supernova-and the villainous humans who value their power more than the planet's safety." -Publishers Weekly


Two and a Half Words by Abbas Zaidi

(Nov. 2012) - A collection of short stories by Pakistani-born writer Abbas Zaidi. Some may wonder whether or not it is possible for Pakistani writers writing in English to escape the very stereotypes that mobilize the modern perceptions of Pakistan.

"THE JEW'S WIFE is a fine collection from a newly debuted master of storytelling, and is a solid and recommended pick for short fiction fans everywhere." - Midwest Book Review

The Best of Gowanus Ed. by Thomas J. Hubschman (2001)
"Short stories, essays and poetry from parts of the world where the Internet [is] not yet so strongly entrenched but where the human imagination most assuredly [is]..." -PW
The Best of Gowanus II Ed. by Thomas J. Hubschman (2007) “A stronger collection than the first didn’t seem possible. But the new Best of Gowanus is as fine an anthology of writing from the Third World as one could hope for.” –Vicente Revilla, Prof., C.U. of NY

Kindle Exclusives

Father Walther's Temptation by Thomas J. Hubschman (2011)
Father Walther's Temptation is the story of a man sheltered too long by his profession, "tempted" by life itself. "There is an authenticity, a courage about it that rings with a depth of truth." -Reader's Reviewer.
My Bess by Thomas J. Hubschman (2011)

You found The One. The One who made you happy just to be in their presence--the One who turned out to be oh so much more besides. So, why are you sitting all by yourself trying to make sense of what went wrong and whose fault it was?

Black Tongue by Anjana Basu (2011)
Women are not born witches. Life makes them turn that way. If you want the truth of what I say, look at the facts: there are no young witches, no child witches. All the women torn or hacked to pieces in the columns of the newspapers are old.
Song of the Mockingbird by Thomas J. Hubschman (2012)
Five years widowed but still bound to the man to whom she was married for thirty years, Doris gradually comes to discover her life not only is not over but is just beginning in a way she had never imagined possible.